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How to Apostille Document?

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How to Apostille Document?

What is Apostille?

Apostille is the legalization of public documents to verify their authenticity in order to be used abroad. Members of the Hague Apostille Convention replace legalisation process with a simple authentication certificate.

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What should i take into account when apostille?

The country where the document will be presented should be part of the Hague Convention. If the destination country is not part of the Convention, you will have to use legalisation process.

Only original documents like affidavits, powers of attorney, birth, death and marriages records, incorporation papers, deeds, patent applications, home studies and other legal papers can be apostilled (The Apostille Convention does not apply to documents executed by diplomatic or consular agents).

No other procedure is required for an apostilled document to be valid in any of the countries of the Hague Convention.

If required translated documents can be apostilled too.

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