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American Becomes Italian Citizen

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American Becomes Italian Citizen

Michael Chiaravalloti is a descendent of immigrants who came from Italy in 1948.

This American have the unique opportunity to become an Italian citizen, due to a law made by the government, that allows those with roots in the old country or have an ancestor born there, apply to this nationality.

First he began investigating his family and he found that his grandfather and great-grandfather came from a small town, located in the region of Calabria called Polia. This law specify that the only ones, who can benefit from this law are the descendants born after 1861, date of unification and creation of the modern state of Italy.

His great-grandfather Guiseppe was born long before this date, but his grandfather Antonio was born a year later. This situation made possible for him to apply, but I it was not that easy, he has to prove it and dig in to the archives of the EEUU, colleting the documents he needed.

The Italian government requests a total of 16 documents that will proof his Italian heritage but that was not all, he also needed to translate all the documents from English to Italian.

This was not a simple task, he have to search in the national archives and also old newspapers to look the obituaries of his grandfather and great-grandfather. Every document was apostilled and send to Italy.

After a few months he receives his new citizenship and travel with his father to the old town of their ancestors.

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