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Have you considered Malta as your next destination?

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Have you considered Malta as your next destination?

Malta is a small island nation member of the European Union and the Commonwealth, today is becoming a land of entrepreneurs. Malta’s and his strategic position is a passage that connects Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, is also a port in the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

Apostille wants to bring here a small guide on how to take the next big step in the adventure of your lifetime, during last couple of decades Malta has influenced a number of foreigners to visit it and purchasing, renting a property or investing in the emerging industries on high demand as well.

It is quite simple to obtain the essential paperwork to be able to move to Malta. This country allows you to legally live in Malta for 90 days. You can use your tourist visa while we handle the paperwork, in the meantime, apply for residency while you are in the country according to Government of Malta.

If you achieve to become in a permanent resident in Malta, you must pay 15 percent tax of your current income that you have in your country. Thanks to the double taxation treaties with several nations, you couldn’t have to pay taxes of your origin country.

There are two types of residence, ordinary residence or permanent residence. Depending on the country from which you migrate, you can either apply  for those two options, the difference lies on how much you earn. In this step we suggest to take your documents to a licensed apostille and embassy legalization professional.

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