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The U.S embassy in France…

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The U.S embassy in France…

The United States of America embassy in France regrets to inform you that the Apostille or Legalization of birth/marriage/divorce/death certificates is not available if:

If the documents are issued in the U.S., US embassy does not have the authority to issue documents in the country or in other countries. The apostille must be made in the country in which this original document was issued.
The next guidelines concern three different types of authentications:

1- The Apostille on State Issued Documents; for documents used in Hague Apostille countries, you need authentication for the Competent Authority in the state where the document was produced.

2- US. Department of State − Office of Authentications; Authentication Certificates are issued for documents which are destined for use in countries that are not belong to the Hague Apostille Convention. Examples of documents that require authentication for use abroad may include, but are not limited to, company bylaws, powers of attorney, trademarks, diplomas etc.

3- Notarial Services at the U.S. Embassy in Paris (not an Apostille); for those wishing to execute documents in the presence of a U.S. Consular Officer (you have to know this is not an Apostille) you must pay for notarial and authentication services $50 if is the first consular seal/signature. For each additional consular seal/signature you must pay a $50 more.

4- If the documents are issued in France, through membership of the Hague Convention U.S. and France abolishes the requirement of legalization for Foreign Public Documents and simplifies the procedure necessary for French documents to be used in the United States. For a document recognized as valid in the foreign country must be “authenticated” or “legalized” this is a process in which various seals are placed on the document.
The Apostille must be affixed at the government agency in the country which issued the original document.

Please do not schedule an appointment for these cases.

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