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Burundi Apostille

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Burundi Apostille

The African nation of Burundi has begun accepting apostilles as of Feb. 13, 2015. This means that documents going to Burundi from other consenting countries can be authenticated in this way.

The following United States documents are now accepted by Burundi: birth certificate, marriage license, divorce certificate, corporate record, death certificate, court affidavits, college/university diploma or degree, and any other transcripts issued in the US intended for legal use in Burundi.

The purpose of the apostille is to certify the authenticity of the signature on the document, to verify the capacity in which the individual has signed a document, and to identify any seal or stamp affixed to the document. The apostille has nothing to do with verifying that the document is an original or authentic.

Before the apostille was accepted the applicant must begin the process of obtaining stamps or a series of certifications known as “legalization.”

Since Burundi is a signatory of the Hague Convention, there is no need to visit the embassy or consular office. Applicants can now apply directly to the designated competent authority to issue the apostille stamp for Burundi.

However, the following countries have raised objections to the accession of Burundi, meaning that the convention will not go into force between the following countries and Burundi: Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

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